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Van Back Box, Rear Mount Storage Tool Box

Van Back Box, Rear Mount Storage Tool Box

Van back box Leave nothing behind A great way to store any items that you would like to take with you but didn’t have room for before, anything you don’t want cluttering up the interior of your van or essential items that you need to get to easily without any hassle.. This particular locker also comes with a fixed shelf. These lockers will fit a wide range of vehicles including Mercedes, VW, Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot vans.


Aluminium - 5251 grade 


Powdercoated to potect against the elements


Chain is added to each side of the locker door to hold the door level when open, the door can then also be used as a surface/table.


1 vector T2-Lock handle along with keys


Concealed hinges


Detachable door (Our lift off hinges make it simple for you to remove the door when needing to do so)


Opening has a 55mm lip/double fold for added strength and durability with rubber seal attached


Shelf (Removable) - easy to remove when not needed and easy to reinstall when needed again






Sustainable - Environmentally friendly


Made in Britain

    PriceFrom £535.00
    Excluding VAT
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