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GMC Motorhome Roof Box With Gas Struts

GMC Motorhome Roof Box With Gas Struts

SKU: CVG9002001450

Although this roof rack box fits perfectly ontop of the GMC motorhome,

These lockers are extremely universal, They come in handy for many areas on a wide variety of vehicles including…Truck catwalks, overlander roofs, Truck beds, trailer side walls and much more…


Size: L900 X H200 X D1540


Aluminium Chequerplate 


Powdercoated to potect against the elements


Gas Struts have been added to each side of the locker to hold the door open when is use


2 vector T2-Lock handles along with keys


Concealed hinges


Detachable door (Our lift off hinges make it simple for you to remove the door when needing to do so)


Opening has a 55mm lip/double fold for added strength and durability with rubber seal attached






Sustainable - Environmentally friendly


Made in Britain

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