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Chequerplate Portable Shower Water Heater Box

Chequerplate Portable Shower Water Heater Box

A great option for storing the water heater for the camping shower in your 4wd, RV, canopy or trailer. If you like having hot water available in your vehicle when you’re camping, this lightweight and sturdy aluminium enclosure is an easy way to house a portable hot water system. The door is fitted with over centre fasteners and a rubber weather seal to keep dust and water out.


L500 x H700 x D225mm


Aluminium chequerplate 


2 over center fastener locks, or we can fit 1 Vector T2 handle locks with keys if preferred


Concealed hinges 


Detachable door (Our lift off hinges make it simple for you to remove the door when needing to do so)


Opening has a 55mm lip/double fold for added strength and durability with seal attached






Sustainable - Environmentally friendly


Made in Britain

    PriceFrom £196.08
    Excluding VAT
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